Hung Pham is a Motion Graphic Designer based in Seattle, WA. Motion Graphic Design is more than a career interest to him; it is a huge passion in which he finds excitement when experimenting with different layouts, colors, and graphic elements. With over 10 years experience in Graphic Design industry, he is highly creative and multitalented with extensive experience in multimedia graphic design. He is always looking to create something new and different, his commercial and personal works were featured in numerous design publications worldwide:
Featured on Photoshop Magazines:
+ Advanced Photoshop Magazine - Issue 111
+ Photoshop Creative Magazine - Issue 102
+ Photoshop User Magazine - July, August 2013
+ Practical Photoshop Magazine - Issue 15 
+ Advanced Photoshop Magazine - Premium Collection 1
+ Advanced Photoshop Magazine - Issue 86
+ Practical Photoshop Magazine - Issue 04
+ Photoshop Creative Magazine - Issue 77
+ Photoshop User Magazine - July 2011
Web References:
+ Artpeople Gallery - 
Surreal World of A Motion Lover
+ - Daily Inspirations
+ - Hung Pham's Artworks
Design Talk:
+ - Photo Manipulation by Hung Pham

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